What are Autcasts?

 Autcasts is an Autistic led podcast series featuring #ActuallyAutistic people talking openly & honestly about issues that affect us. It is hopefully a fun, informative way to get Autistic perspectives out there, start conversations & increase understanding. 

Mythbusting: "You Don't Look Autistic"

Hayley, Emma & Mair of Autcasts bust some common myths relating to Autism - starting with “you don’t look autistic”....

Masking, Eating Disorders

Hayley, Mair and Emma discuss masking, camouflaging and Autistic women.

Functioning Labels

How functional do I look to you?  Mythbusting continues with Hayley, Mair and Emma’s discussion of functioning labels...

Autistic Behaviours are Human Behaviours

Hayley, Mair and Emma discuss routines and the impact of being Autistic in daily life.

Autistic Romance and Relationships

Hayley and Emma discuss how being Autistic can make our perspectives on relationships differ, as well as the strengths and challenges in relationships from our personal experiences.

Vulnerability, Romantic/intimate relationships

Hayley and Emma discuss romantic/intimate relationships, gender expectations, #metoo and vulnerability, and making sense of past experiences

Sexuality, Identity & Autism

Hayley and Emma speak openly and honestly about sexuality, autism and exploring their identity with the support of the online community.       Show more    

Autism and Christmas

Hayley, Mair and Emma talk about how Christmas can have an impact if you are Autistic. - This clip is a bit different as it is audio laid over images and animations due to a technical issue with the usual video.


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